Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Leave me something to
Remember you by,
More than a lock of your hair.
Leave me scarred for life,
Show you really care.

You can do it with kindness,
Keener than a knife.
Just by making yourself scarce
You can leave me scarred for life.

We walked arm in arm with madness
And every little breeze
Whispered of the secret love
We had for our disease.

And if we never meet again,
For all the time we spent,
Leave me with a tender spot, 
Something permanent.

Slapp Happy: Scarred For Life (Link)


  1. It's no joke, is it? This life, I mean. You can say to yourself "I've had enough" a few thousand times, and then, one day, you've actually had enough.

    I hope the lights are back on in PA. Cold here, but a radiant sun.

    1. Power was restored sometime last night. Fortunately, I was able to make a reservation at the Radnor Hotel because Jane was supposed to take the ACTs this morning. They were canceled at the very last minute, which was a little irritating, but the fight has gone out of me. (Jane wasn't too upset and I took her over to her robotics tournament in Haverford. Robotics has taken on a new social life aspect, apparently.) I learned of the power restoration at around 2:30 a.m. when I drove over to visit the house because we were very worried about the cats and dogs and also about burglaries. We did lose our two fish, however. Will be back on top (or at least in the middle) later. Currently we feel pretty cracked up here. PECO is a rotten organization in every way. Incidentally, Swarthmore was closed for a day or two. It was a destructive storm. Curtis