Friday, May 31, 2013


 At dusk I came down from the mountain, 

The mountain moon as my companion,

And looked behind at tracks I’d taken

That were blue, blue below the skyline :

You took my arm, led me to your hut

Where small children drew hawthorn curtains

To green bamboos and a hidden path

With vines to brush the traveller’s clothes;

And I rejoiced at a place to rest

And good wine, too, to pour out with you :

Ballads we sang, the wind in the pines,

Till, our songs done, Milky Way had paled ;

And I was drunk and you were merry,

We had gaily forgotten the world !


Note:  In anticipation of June 1st, obviously.  Kevin once told me that Jimi Hendrix particularly liked Soon, Soon, Soon.  Marvelous portrait of two great artists, no?


  1. Nice, reminds me of the little travelog film. I imagine Chas Chandler and Eric Burdon have some interesting photos also, not to mention film.

    1. Me too. I thought this was such a nice, natural photo when I saw it. Later that day, the Li Po poem was at hand and really seemed to fit the picture and the fantasy thoughts it prompted. I really enjoyed the OGWT clip, but it also reminded me that performing wasn't Kevin's favorite thing at all; he preferred working on recordings, figuring out the best and most precise way to express things, which needn't be entirely solitary and unsociable. Greetings from Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. Our next-to-last day here. I'd like to return soon -- a lot. This is a beautiful, very calm place. Curtis

    2. I just discovered this quite good footage of Soft Machine from August '68. They played the Auditorium Theater in Chicago supporting Hendrix, which I was so lucky to attend. I'm vacationing by the way, thus the early hour of this post.

    3. I've always regretted the fact that the Soft Machine never attempted a "cash-in" (for lack of a less infelicitous description) reunion. I tend to think it would have been musically successful and also a happy business decision. (Obviously, they would need to bring in an extra musician on drums.) For me, they really had it all. A long, long time ago, I suggested this to Kevin Ayers, who maintained (with equanimity and very good humor) that it could never, ever happen. I'll never understand that, actually. I do all sorts of things for work, you know? Hope your vacation is great! Curtis

  2. Really good post with fantastic picture i've never seen before!
    You if it was taken in USA during '68 tour?

    1. Yes, that's how it was identified when I poached it from a friend's Facebook page. A really lovely, natural, atmospheric shot. Thanks for visiting and for your note. Please come again. Curtis