Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Down into Golders Green and out to Hendon, the miles drummed out at fifty to the hour on the great curved road, down to the roadhouse by Huntonbridge.  

They had lunch there, and he nearly told her everything.

But the waiter brought the cheese and the waiter brought the coffee and somehow there was no time to tell her that they were going to be married and live in Dean Street and have a wedding breakfast in the café's private room.

Graham Greene:  It's A Battlefield (1934)

The Move: No Time (Link) 


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    1. Thank you very much. I'm glad -- really glad -- you liked this. Your kind note finds me unusually far away from home (for me lately) and with and iffy internet. I look forward to connecting with your blog when I when I return home. We arrived by air today and the land and sea here are just spectacular. I hope to wake up tomorrow morning more refreshed, to knock some work out, and then to turn my mind to something new. Curtis