Monday, October 18, 2010

The Great Larry Wallis (Pink Fairies, Police Car, Other)

Songwriter, guitarist and producer Larry Wallis is one of the most appealing, largely unsung, figures in modern rock music.  His 1977 single on the Stiff label, "Police Car", has EVERYTHING going for it -- cool, eternally relevant subject matter, sharp lyrics, a great tune and marvelous, driving musicianship.   

His work with the Pink Fairies, although appreciated by cognoscenti, deserves greater attention and praise.  He produced Wreckless Eric's first lp, including the immortal Reconnez Cherie.

An informative, funny and predictably slightly profane interview with the great man is found here.

Apparently, back problems (sciatica) have sidelined him lately.  I hope he returns to action soon.   

(Roy Wood too.) 

The world needs  (more) Larry Wallis.

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