Saturday, July 20, 2013


Cut twenty-five limes into quarters half way through ;  stuff them with salt, and dry them for three days in the sun, bringing them in at sunset.  Give them a good shake each time before putting them out in the morning.  Mince small the dried limes.  Pound in good vinegar twenty-five dried dates, fifteen large dry red chillies, three whole peeled garlics, and one ounce of green ginger.  Mix all together and sweeten with sugar, first adding to it the strained juice of twenty-five limes.

It will be ready in a week.

     A cool oven will do in place of the sun.

From:  Twenty-Two Authentic Banquets from India (compiled by Robert Christie), New York, Dover Publications, 1975.  (An unabridged and unaltered publication of the Indian and Afghanistani sections of the Banquets of the Nations, published by J. and J. Gray and Co, St James Press, 1911.)

Note:  This is yet another of the many previous blog posts, which Blogger stripped of some of its pictures and/or words.  I’ve repaired and restored it.  Given the weather and the logy, lowering mood (my own, at least), my hope for Something Better Beginning, and the beauty of this old, traditional recipe, I thought republishing this for those who might have missed it the first time around might be in order.


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