Friday, April 26, 2013


I think they were about as high
     As haycocks are.  They went running by
Catching bits of shade in the sunny street:
‘I’ve got one,’ cried sister to brother.
     ‘I’ve got two.’ ‘Now I’ve got another.’
But scudding away on their little bare feet,
They left the shade in the sunny street.


  1. What a beautiful painting and poem. I didn't know either of these artists before.

    You're right, down on Boylston Street every trace of the explosions will soon be cleaned up. I said the incongruities haunted me, but perhaps it's something close to dissociation, alternate worlds. As if there were gaps between moments of time, little walls.

    More sublime weather. As in Haines's picture, the trees down on Commonwealth Avenue are powdered with the first green of spring, and the cherries are purple and white along the Charles.

    1. I'm glad this reached you. You'll find Charlotte Mew an interesting subject. I happened upon the Haines painting, which was recently reproduced in a Providence newspaper, and it just made me think. I wish a lot of things were different. Beautiful here too, but we're both suffering with terrible colds, allergies, etc. But no shortage of things to do and things on top of those. Curtis