Saturday, April 6, 2013


Is a foolish dog
Bark at the flying bird
One sheep must learn
To respect the shepherd
Jah Live

Fools say in their heart
Rasta your God is dead
But I and I know Dread it shall be
Dreader Dread
Jah Live 

The truth is an offense
But not a sin
Is he who laughs last
Is he who win
Jah Live 

Yesterday, at energy's end, and past melancholy's final curve, my foolish dogs began to bark in unison at flying birds outside my window and I thought of this, one of Bob Marley's most extraordinary songs, and felt a lot better.  Isn't Earl "Chinna" Smith, reggae guitar avatar, structuring, spanning the sounds, just the greatest?


1. Banksy:  Keith Haring Dog.

2. Joan Miro:  Dog Barking At Moon.

3. Shu Quan Fei:  A Sichuan Dog Barks At The Sun.

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