Friday, February 8, 2013

Welcome To The Jungle (One Shot)

All cities are the same, and all cities are different.  They all have colors. Some are gray.  This one was brown.  Reacher guessed the brick was made from local clay and carried the color of old farmland into the facades. Even the stone was flecked with tan, like it carried deposits of iron. There were accents of red here and there, like old barns.  It was a warm place, not busy, but it was surviving. It would rebound after the tragedy.  There was progress and optimism and dynamism.

Text:  Lee Child, One Shot.  New York, Delacorte Press, 2005.

Paintings:  Algernon Newton.  Upper:  The Surrey Canal, Camberwell, 1935.  Lower:  Birmingham with the Hall of Memory, 1929.

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