Monday, February 11, 2013


It has been established, says Dr. Brouwer, that sixty percent of all children (in Holland) see eidetically.  At school, however, where education trains the intellect, the power of eidetic seeing diminishes rapidly, so that in most cases it has begun to disappear at the age of twelve.  After the sixteenth year, no traces are found.

Still, there are some people who retain the power to see eidetically all their lives.  What they think, what they imagine, they actually see before them in real colors, shape and size.  Imagined objects or scenes are as visible, tangible and sometimes as audible to them as if they existed in reality.  From this capacity is derived the so-called “second sight” which is unquestionably very strong in certain individuals, and which enables them to see events in advance.  Persons endowed with this extraordinary quality are usually highly sensitive, almost supersensitive; their minds are as finely attuned and receptive as radar or radio antennae.  Poets and writers may fall into this class.

NOTE:  Dutch painters also.

Text:  Pierre Van Paassen, Why Jesus Died, New York, Dial Press, 1949. 

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