Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sweet Things (From An Indian Royal Banquet)

Kabani Murabba (Damson Preserve)

     Boil equal quantities of damsons and sugar syrup till it jellies.

Rewund Murabba (Stewed Rhubarb)

     Clean and cut sticks of rhubarb into two-inch lengths.  Place the pieces in a pan.  Cover closely and stew very gently at the side of the fire or in the oven till tender.  After which pour in sufficient very strong sugar syrup to sweeten.

Aru Murabba (Peach Preserve)

     Skin the peaches, and cut a slit to take out the stones.  Strew rather more than their weight of sugar over them, and stand till next day when stew very slowly till they look clear, being careful to remove any scum.  Remove the fruit and boil up the syrup, and pour it over the fruit;  do this three times at intervals of two days.

Murg Pak (Melon Seeds)

     Take off outside skin from seeds.  Put ghi (clarified butter) in pan, and cook seeds in this.  Cook sugar with water until it threads from spoon.  Add seeds to syrup, and beat till thick and creamy.  Pour into a flat dish and then cut into squares.


     Take of ground almonds half a pound, sugar half a pound, cream (milk reduced to a quarter of its bulk by boiling) six ounces, saffron five grains, ghi four ounces, whole cardamoms half a dozen, and whole cloves one dozen.

     Fry the cardamoms and cloves thoroughly in boiling ghi.  Mix the ground almonds with the cream in a basin.  Boil the sugar in a little water till it is very thick in consistency.  Mix this with the almond paste, then add it to the ghi which you have brought to the boil; continue boiling for a quarter of an hour, stirring all the time.  Remove from the fire and add the ground saffron; beat up very well till thick and creamy, then pour into a dish before it cools.


Rufus & Chaka Khan: Sweet Thing (Link) 

From:  Twenty-Two Authentic Banquets From India, compiled by Robert H. Christie, New York, Dover Publications, 1975.

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