Monday, November 19, 2012

Ba'al's Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn, the remarkably successful (in the sense that it’s a product people speak about often and think you should know about, especially if you’re looking for a job) sent me an email called “NEXT,” recommending that I follow the digital words of Ari Emanuel, the co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor, the major Hollywood talent agency, because he is an acknowledged “thought leader.”

I genuinely don’t blame Mr. Emanuel for this thoughtless and annoying intrusion into my life  (although I do have major scores to settle with his two hideous brothers – the Chicago Mayor who sends dead animals to political enemies through the mail, but is still considered  a liberal champion and champion liberal, and the freakish other one who wants to chair death panels), but I think I hate the expression “thought leader” even more than I despise the practice of using the word "impact" as a verb.


I don’t follow Fucking Thought Leaders.  Instead, as my generation's bard advised, I watch the parking meters instead.

Other thought leaders LinkedIn suggested, whom I won’t be following include:

Peter Guber
CEO, Mandalay Entertainment, Owner Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Dodgers, #1 NYT Bestselling Author, Tell To Win

Richard Branson
Founder at Virgin Group

Arianna Huffington
President and Editor-in-Chief at The Huffington Post Media Group

Deepak Chopra MD (official)
Founder at Deepak Chopra LLC

Barack Obama
President of the United States of America

Anthony (Tony) Robbins
Chairman at Anthony Robbins Holdings, Inc.

Jeff Weiner
CEO at Linkedin

Cory Booker
Mayor, Newark NJ

When I say “following,” I should add that Linkedin provides on-screen commands reading, for example, “Follow Barack!”   

As a citizen of this republic, I find that admonition scary.

However, I may consider their suggestion that I follow the distinguished Ethiopian/Swedish chef (and, apparently, thought leader) Marcus Samuelsson. 

Years ago, Caroline and I discovered Samuelsson’s cooking when he introduced his talents to Manhattan at Aquavit.  In interviews he cuts an attractive, imaginative and modest figure.  

His gravlax is heavenly.  His Jansson's Temptation sounds devilish, but it isn't unless you're violently opposed to anchovies.



Top:  Follower of Filippino Lippi, Worship of the Golden Calf, ca. 1500, National Gallery, London.

Second and Third:  Bael and Belzebuth from Dictionnaire Infernal, Jacques Albin Simon Collin de Plancy, 1818.

Lower:  Devils in fresco details, Rila Monastery, Bulgaria, ca. 1846.


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