Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Anchoress

  In this mortal life, God’s mercy and forgiveness are the road on which we are always led to His grace : and although human, earthly judgement often considers that our souls are killed by the storms and the sorrows which we encounter as our lot, in God’s sight the soul that shall be saved was never dead and shall never die.   

  But still this amazed me and I pondered over it with all the diligence my soul could command : and I said :  Good Lord, I see You, Who are very truth, and I know truly that we sin grievously  every day and that we deserve great blame.  But on the one hand I cannot deny Your truth, yet on the other I cannot see You blaming us in any way.  How can this be possible? 

Julian of Norwich, Revelations Chapter 50 (ca. 1393).

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