Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It is obvious,
May I say, oh baby,
That it is found on another plane?
Yes I can creep into cupboards

Sleep in the hall
Your stars - my stars, A simple cot bars
Only an impulse - Pie in the sky
Mumble Listen Dolly
Drift over your mind,  Holly
Creep into bed When your head's on the ground
She held the torch on the porch,
She winked an eye.

Reason it is Written on the Brambles
Stranded on the spikes - My blood red, oh listen:
Remember those times I could call
Through the clear day?
Time when you'd be there
Braver and braver, a handkerchief waver.
The louder your lips to a Loud hailer.
Growing to gather, the good of each either
No wondering, stumbling, fumbling,
Rumbling minds shot together
Our minds shot together....

So equally over a Valley, a hill
Wood a quarry stood, each of us cried
A velvet curtain of grey
mark the blanket where sparrows play.
& the trees by the waving corn stranded
My legs move the last empty inches to you.
The softness, The warmth from the weather in suspense
Mote to a grog - the star a White Chalk
Minds shot together, our minds shot together....


Syd Barrett: It Is Obvious (Barrett Version) (Link) 

Syd Barrett: It Is Obvious (Opel version) (Link)

All paintings by John Henry Twachtman (1853-1902)

First:  Arques-la-Bataille (1885)
Second: Tuscan Landscape (1880)
Third:  Moonlight, Flanders (1885)
Fourth:  Connecticut Landscape (1889-91)

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