Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Science Of Imaginary Solutions (Pataphysics); The Sargasso Sea.

The Science Of Imaginary Solutions (Pataphysics)

This sounds like a particularly good idea today. I have some problems that I need to solve and an imagination also. I’m not sure what’s occupying the space between these two areas, i.e., those problems and that imagination, but something is and that something reminds me of the Sargasso Sea I learned about a long time ago.

The Sargasso Sea

Based on what I’ve recently read on the subject, most of what I was taught in school about the Sargasso Sea was incorrect and my memories, which resemble woodcut illustrations of ancient marine ghosts, are of a piece with the fairy tales and fictional adventure stories that were read to me when I was a child. The new information is far more interesting. It’s nice to have access to photos and maps of the deep blue, teeming with life, “Sea Of Expanding Shapes”, which is still a place of mystery. (The more you think you know, the deeper and more profound the mysteries become.) Predictably, these help to describe, but not solve, my dilemma. It’s enough to make a person want to consult an oracle or perhaps set out on a sailboat for Argentina and a good long think.

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