Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Heads Found In Cooler (Los Cabos)


Cabo San Lucas beheadings: Cartel killings traumatize resort town as heads found in cooler

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Authorities in Mexico's Baja California Sur state say two heads have been found in a cooler just two blocks from the tourist zone of Cabo San Lucas.
One day earlier, the state prosecutor's office announced that two dismembered bodies were found in another cooler in the tourist corridor.
On Sunday, state prosecutors also said the total bodies found after several days of excavation of clandestine graves had reached 18. The bodies of five women and 13 men were found in 12 graves near the Cabo Pulmo nature reserve. They were discovered off a road that runs between the reserve and the resort of San Jose del Cabo.

When is it that you know “it’s over?”  I know this area, Los Cabos, so well.  We used to vacation there regularly, as frequently as possible.  Once we discovered it, there was nowhere else we wanted to go. Its reputation then was as an utterly quiet, peaceful, complete retreat from the beaten path of work, career, etc.  Back then, before cell phones were ubiquitous, even the high-pressure businesses we worked in accepted it if once a year you disappeared from radar for a little while and were satisfied if you placed one of two brief (and quite expensive, hard-to-make) calls from the road.  After we were kidnapped in Mexico City, we decided to continue on to Twin Dolphin in Cabo San Lucas because Cabo was the place where Mexicans themselves went to escape the difficulties and depredations of their increasingly endangered lives on the mainland.  No more it seems.  I think of my friends back in Cabo whom I haven’t seen since Twin Dolphin disappeared to make way for a new mega-resort that never got built post-2008 and am very sad and sorry for them.  I cannot tell you how great it was there.  Sea, sky, and mountains all together. Tilting planes, perfect weather. 

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