Sunday, January 8, 2017



Don’t trust anything you read that was written in the dead of the night by a sleepless person wrestling with problems, pseudo-problems, and whatever lies in the no-man’s land beyond those.  (Context: Earlier on this sleepless night I watched a Blackadder excerpt from the WWI series that has fixed no-man’s land in my mind until morning or whenever it is I wake up or fail to go to sleep.)

That being said, someone wrote something about important facts (I think) being “tears in the rain of news,” I checked out the context of that remark, ran into Blade Runner (which I still haven’t seen in its entirety), and couldn’t stand it.  Any of it.  I would like to calm down.  I thought election night would bring a calming down, but after the briefest of pauses (like when you’ve been struck in the head and stunned or had the wind knocked out of you on the football field), it didn’t.  The election will never ever be over.  People who will lose nothing are suddenly afraid of losing everything.  Except for you, I hate my generation.

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