Sunday, March 22, 2015


I've got something on my mind
It's no lie, I'm telling you why
I will say what's on my mind
And this time there'll be no lie

I was terribly sad to learn that Michael Brown had died.  All week at work I had been focusing on the dark side of human nature, becoming more and more convinced that the HBR article Davia circulated last year saying that 25% of humanity were sociopaths was actually correct.  Every day for relief I would summon up Michael Brown songs in my mind (“Walk Away Renee,” “Pretty Ballerina,” “She May Call You Up Tonight”) and feel better.
Caroline had the good fortune to do publicity work on his last commercial release with The Beckies at ABC Records early in her career.  It was a terrific record , which I recall getting  good reviews, but unfortunately when it didn’t succeed there wasn’t a follow-up.  She also, weirdly (and we thought so at the time), somehow managed to be the person who arranged The Beckies’ only live performance, which took place in the Hotel Pennsylvania’s Grand Ballroom during a  NARM music industry convention.   

Michael was there handling sound and recording the show (he had already decided to do a Brian Wilson-like retreat from group live performances), and I remember him being pleasant, intense and involved, and quietly charismatic.  Word had clearly gotten out in New York that Michael Brown’s new band was performing and there was enough of a dedicated crowd in attendance to make the event very special.  After the show, Michael looked very pleased and packed up quickly. 


  1. Wishing you and your family a terrific Easter with hopefully lots of marzipan eggs:) - wish I could have asked you all to my exhibition and given you some Easter eggs then:))

    1. Happy Easter, Linnea. We're sort of about to wind down from college admissions/selection season at the moment; this year has been a whirlwind. I love hearing from you. Curtis