Saturday, January 19, 2013


The paranoid great movie queen
Sits idly fully armed
The powder and mascara there
A warning light for charm
We see her every movie night
The strong against the weak
The lines come out and struggle with
The empty voice that speaks 

Her heart is oh so tired now
Of kindnesses gone by
Like broken glasses in a drain
Gone down but not well spent
The road from Barbary to here
She sold then stole right back
The vanity, insanity her hungry heart forgave
The fading bride’s dull beauty grows
Just begging to be seen
Beneath the magic lights that reach from
Barbary to here

Her schoolhouse mind has windows now
Where handsome creatures come to watch
The anaesthetic wearing off 

Images:  (1)  Frederick Bailey Deeming (1853-92); (2)  Walter Richard Sickert, Ennui (1917-18); (3)  Eric Ravilious, Persephone pattern for Wedgewood (ca. 1950); (4)  Eric Ravilious, The Wilmington Giant (1939).


  1. Beautiful pictures to go with this lovely song. Still experiencing after-shocks from hearing it on Friday.

    I'd like to be talking a walk with the Wilmington Giant on the South Downs, instead of freezing in Boston.

    "Stare toward the rising sun and see me stride,
    Bow before your mighty lord or carrion birds will sing,
    The grey wolf will howl and deeds of woe
    Will draw down upon the southern lands.
    The dragon will rise from its watery rest to devour all."

    1. I'm experiencing aftershocks also. What an extraordinary performer. The Wilmington Giant painting is wonderful. So is a lot of Eric Ravilious's work. I'd like to find the time to study more of it as well as other interesting painters I've discovered lately through the Little Augury website, which is the work of an interior decorator in North Carolina named Gaye Tapp. I don't know where she finds the time to collect so many things so beautifully. The next week around here should be very event-filled and stressful, but I'd like to think that February might bring some sort of resolution. Mostly I feel like I'm in the presence of lots of shoes that look like they're going to drop but never do. Curtis