Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kielbasa Blaze: Pennsylvania Smokehouse Fire 'Best-Smelling In Long Time'


Smokehouse owner Cash Koszela, right, watches yesterday as New Castle firefighters take control of a blaze that damaged the smokehouse in his back yard on Lutton Street

By Nancy Lowry,  New Castle (PA) News, 2/15/12


Firefighters in Pennsylvania have managed to save 200 pounds of Polish sausage from what they're calling the best-smelling fire they've doused in years.

The New Castle News reports that firefighters responded about 11:30 a.m. Monday when a 20-by-20-foot smokehouse caught fire in the yard of Cash Koszela (koh-ZEL'-uh). He's a retired meat cutter who's been smoking his own sausage for about 30 years.

Firefighters say some grease caught fire when the smokehouse got too hot - about 300 degrees.

Koszela says it will cost about $3,000 to replace the smokehouse. It's actually a tin-lined walk-in cooler fed by smoke piped in from a fire pit.

Assistant Fire Chief David Joseph says, "This is definitely the best-smelling fire we've seen in a long time."


New Castle firefighters saved about 200 pounds of kielbasa from a blaze in a smokehouse yesterday morning at 817 E. Lutton St.

NOTE:  This is such a charming Pennsylvanian story I felt a need to post and share it.  New Castle, PA, incidentally figures prominently in the story of the infamous Torso Killer from the mid-1930s – please see  HERE (link).



  1. Another fine case for the BAU. I hate it when real crime is more gruesome than fictional crime. Although, I'm sure that's always the case, since it is real.

  2. I used to be an Assistant DA in Brooklyn. Real crime is just awful. Curtis