Monday, August 15, 2011



     Anyone currently in the area of the Northeast U.S. between Boston and Philadelphia will understand why I'm thinking "Aquarium." 

         I was hoping thoughtfully to notate this piece by including Harold Acton's 1923 poem Aquarium, but my copy is somewhere else and I can't find it online.  I did find a poem by Amy Lowell called An Aquarium, which was tedious and seemed to miss the point (my point, at least), so I think I'll simply post a few pictures borrowed from a curious Swedish blog called Aquarium Poetry, which seems not to feature any poetry.  It's a very useful guide about how to take care of aquarium fish properly, and I believe the blog's author feels that the poetry lies in the images he posts (true) and the instructive texts he provides (possibly a little post-modern for me, but he's an animal lover and that's to be commended).

        Posted immediately below, however, is a Google map showing U.S. East Coast aquariums in my Aquarium area, for those anxious to visit one.  I loved those places when I was a child and the last time I did -- the apparently unimpressive, but actually pretty great London Sea Life Aquarium -- we learned all sorts of things about Thames estuary fish and Jane was able to see rays "up close and personal," as they like to say on television.


  1. Every aquarium has its own beauty and charm.

  2. Geo. Thanks.

    Sydney Aquarium: You're so right about that.

    Please visit again.