Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From The Power-House (John Buchan)

        Mr. Docken took the bottle from the wine-cooler and filled himself another glass.  

        It sounded horribly convincing.  If I was to be kidnapped and smuggled away, Lumley would have scored half a success.  Not the whole; for as I swiftly reflected, I had put Felix on the track of Tuke, and there was every chance that Tommy and Pitt-Heron would be saved.  But for myself it looked pretty black.  The more my scheme succeeded, the more likely the Power-House would be to wreak its vengeance on me once I was spirited from the open-air world into its dark labyrinths.  I made a great effort to keep my voice even and calm. 

        'Mr Docken', I said, 'I once did you a good turn.  But for me you might be doing time now instead of drinking champagne like a gentleman.  Your pals played you a pretty low trick and that was why I stuck out for you.  I didn't think you were the kind of man to forget a friend.'

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