Friday, May 21, 2010

Cy Twombly -- Untitled (Palimpsest)

Will expand on this later. I just wanted to post it so that anyone passing by had something nice to look at.



  2. The painting you have posted is the first of his work I ever say. It captured me, from them Cy Twombly was my favorite painter.

    Thank you for posting. A bow to his work and life on his passing....his work lives forever.

  3. Thank you so much for writing. I've been tied up on other matters this afternoon and was unaware of Twombly's passing until I read your note. I never got back to "expanding on this", as I said I would in my short note above, because, like you, I feel very, very strongly about Cy Twombly's work and just haven't been able to pull my thoughts together sufficiently well to publish something. I'm going to try to do so shortly because learning that he will no longer be painting new works (down here at least) makes me terribly sad. I was very pleased to introduce my wife Caroline and my daughter Jane to Twombly and they are as moved, stirred and delighted by his work as you and I are. Curtis